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Hennco Waterjet Supply is proud to offer’s Ebbco line of abrasive and water management products.   Ebbco is North America’s Premier metalworking filtration and fluid management company.

Abrasive Removal Systems continuously remove exhausted abrasive that collects in the Waterjet catch tank, eliminating the downtime for clean out maximizing production. The Abrasive Removal system can be adapted to any Waterjet table. Standard Abrasive Removal System includes a custom fit sweeper package, Automated Purge Controls and an Abrasive Hopper with Removable Liner.


How it Works

A specifically engineered PVC sweeper package is placed inside the waterjet catch tank, this eductor package is designed to keep the abrasive in suspension and pushed toward the pump suction. A Heavy‐Duty Closed Column Pump pulls the abrasive laden water from the catch tank and send it first through a strainer basket to collect all large particles before entering the pump, Water is then sent through a centrifugal separator where solids are spun out and collect inside the collection chamber where the solids are purged into a hopper with a removable liner. Clean fluid then exits the top of the separator and is pushed back to the waterjet through the eductor packaged where the process continues.

Sweeper Package Installation

A Sweeper Package is specifically designed to fit the catcher tank and can be installed by a qualified Ebbco service technician. The sweeper package incorporates multiple eductors with a 4:1 ratio. The eductors enhance water flow and keeps the abrasive in suspension, pushing it toward the system suction port.

System Purge

Abrasive is purged from the system constantly. As the Water‐Jet deposits abrasive into the catcher tank, the Ebbco Abrasive Removal System removes it. Spent abrasive is deposited into the same 4400lb bag that the abrasive was purchased in.

Abrasive Disposal
Spent abrasive is deposited in the 4400 lb bag at the same rate at which it enters the catcher tank. The spent abrasive is relatively clean and void of parts larger than 1/8” diameter. The Spent abrasive bag is lifted from the disposal hopper and disposed of in a manageable 4400 lb bag.

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