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Streamline Abrasive Removal System, 1 to 30 Sq/Ft, HWS# WJF-0200-CC-SL


StreamLine Abrasive Removal Systems have all the performance and durability of the standard (Automated) Abrasive Removal Systems without the automated controls with built in shutdowns. 

Abrasive Removal systems continuously remove spent abrasive that collects in the catch tank, eliminating the downtime associated with cleaning out the tank manually, thus maximizing production time. 

Standard Abrasive Removal Systems include a sweeper package, automated purge controls and a Abrasive Hopper with Removable liner. 



WJF-0200-CC-SL Specifications 

Application SQ/FT:  1 to 30
Inlet Connection: 3"
Outlet Connection: 2"

Consult Hennco For Proper sizing 

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