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The PrecisionCore AMD just got better! More Abrasive Settings!

Hennco Waterjet engineered a new aperture for metering abrasive with proprietary geometry.  The new aperture design maximizes the number of abrasive settings within the standard range for most cutting applications.   

  • Deliver precise amount of abrasive to stream for desired cut quality and speed
  • Save $$$ on Abrasive 
  • New "Aggressive" Aperture available thicker cutting applications 
  • Abrasive Flow Charts  

Hennco Waterjet engineers spent the last year testing the AMD with  a variety of waterjet garnets from GMA Garnet Group (GMA).   GMA is the trusted global leader in industrial garnet and has been providing the highest quality garnet abrasive to the waterjet cutting industry for over 35 years. 

The following GMA Abrasives were tested:  

  • ClassicCut™ 80 & 120
  • ProCut™ 60
  • ExcelCut™ 50 & 80 
  • MicroCut™ 220 



Reduce Abrasive Cost: 32 different settings from
0 to 1.5 lbs/min enables users to dial-in a precise
amount of abrasive to maximize cutting outcomes. 
Customizable: The AMD can be configured to
ensure quick and easy connection to a wide variety
of waterjet systems.   Custom mounting hardware
and accessories are available for the most popular
waterjet systems.
Operational Ease:  Large laser marked control knob
located on the front allows users to change the
abrasive setting while cutting.
Repeatable Accuracy: Hardened internal components
minimize changes in feed-rates overtime.
Simple Maintenance: No tools required for day to day
cleaning.  Improved design features quick replacement
of guide plates.  







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