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It's true...sometimes the best products for your waterjet machine DO NOT come standard from the OEM. Which is why the engineers at Hennco have worked to develop PrecisionCore Products to enhance your current equipment.  The line of PrecisionCore products are made to improve every brand of waterjet.  The line of PrecisionCore Products include: 

  • RT-20 & DT-30 Abrasive Waterjet Nozzles (Mixing Tubes)
  • 1200D, FORE, FIVE, 400T and 50R Abrasive Cutting Heads
  • AMD Abrasive Metering Device 

Ready to Upgrade to the Industry's best abrasive nozzles?

PrecisionCore Nozzles come in two different grades, our economy nozzles known as the RT-20, and our premium nozzles, called the DT-30. We suggest customers using RUBY orifices use the RT-20. Customer using DIAMOND orifices use the premium DT-30. The DT-30 last 50% longer than the RT-20. 

And both Nozzles are prices below the competitors nozzles--providing users the lowest cost of inch of cut!

Every brand of waterjet can benefit from Hennco PrecisionCore cutting head technology.

At Hennco we understand cutting applications and machines can be different, especially in a job shop environment where you never know what kind of work will come in the door next. That is why Hennco Waterjet Supply offers 5 different PrecisionCore cutting heads to choose from, with each being fully customizable based on application and waterjet machine type. You choose the cutting head and options that make sense for you, providing you the versatility to tackle whatever job comes next.

From Diamond to Ruby or even the new TetraCore Orifices, we have a cutting head designed for each orifice and every budget. 

Save Money on Abrasive!

Abrasive is the largest operating expense in abrasive waterjet cutting. Optimizing abrasive usage is key to increasing the profitability of waterjet operations. The accuracy and versatility of the Hennco's  AMD improves the cutting process and avoid waste by precisely delivering abrasive to the cutting head. With 30 settings that can be easily and quickly dialed in, the right amount of abrasive is consistently delivered to the cutting head.

The AMD comes in two different models(air to open & close or air to open & spring to close) with multiple mounting options, making upgrading to your waterjet simple. 

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