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Doug L

"Hennco has been a very dependable supplier for us. John, Darcy, Nate and the whole crew are very responsive and cater to our needs by consistently going above and beyond for us. I would recommend their products to anyone out there searching for high quality products with unsurpassed customer service!"

Mark I

Hennco has secured 100% of my replacement parts business. The customer service has been great. They ship quick and since we are in the Midwest all of out order get here within 24hr. I was a little worried about their quality because they are a new business but John has been in the industry well before I was and he knows his stuff. Great job Hennco, your are our first option when it comes to parts and technical info!

Nathan S

I struggle to put into words how amazing Hennco is. I have one of their 5i nozzles. It's working great so far, but time will be the test. They are amazing for two simple reasons.
1. They pick up the phone. No more Omax calling you back 6 hours later and hanging up before you can answer. It's amazing. 2. THEY WILL FACETIME YOU. YEAH YOU READ THAT RIGHT. THESE TECHS CAN ACTUALLY SEE WHAT YOU'RE LOOKING AT.
. 3. God bless these wonderful people. They have saved my butt many a time, and they have a knack for finding solutions that aren't "spend $2000." It is truly wonderful.

Hennco Waterjet Supply is a leading provider of Flow Style Pump Parts. Inventory Includes parts for 60k, 87-94K, Hyplex, and Hyplex Prime Parts.

Not sure which part is best for you? Simply click the chat icon in the right and a sales rep will help you make the right call for your machine.


Years of Experience

Multiple Machines, Applications, and Time in Industry. Hennco provides a unique and diversified perspective on the waterjet market.

Free Ground Shipping

 If your order is in before 5 PM CST, we will get that product out to you that same day, with no added charges, just expedient service.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you're not happy with your product, then you don't have to pay. Instead, contact support, and we can work with you to make it right. 

Honest Communication

We are upfront with our pricing and our process. We believe we provide an excellent product and will gladly show the work. 

Excellent Customer Service

We don't use automated voice messages or chatbots. Call, E-Mail, or Direct Message us, and we will be on the line. 

Unbridled Technical Support

We have manuals, training videos, and an academy for you to use. If those don't work, schedule a video call, and we can help you. 

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