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Every brand of waterjet can benefit from Hennco PrecisionCore cutting head technology. At Hennco we understand cutting applications and machines can be different, especially in a job shop environment where you never know what kind of work will come in the door next. That is why Hennco Waterjet Supply offers 5 different PrecisionCore cutting heads to choose from, with each being fully customizable based on application and waterjet machine type. You choose the cutting head and options that make sense for you, providing you the versatility to tackle whatever job comes next.

Diamond vs. Ruby and Cutting Head Design

At Hennco we designed and manufactured PrecisionCore cutting heads around orifices. Why build a cutting head with expensive parts that can easily be worn out by poor orifice life? We only offers cutting head with carbide mixing chambers for our diamond cutting heads. The idea is simple: cost and life of components should always go in one direction: Highest to lowest. The illustration shows the correct stack up of components. Note component life moves from high to low further downstream. The rational is to avoid lower performance parts from damaging more expensive parts. Replacing the diamond in this style cutting (1200D/FORE/MAX-5) with a ruby orifice is less than ideal, as the rubies will typically only lasts 50 hours. When a ruby fails it has the potential to damage both the mixing chamber and the nozzle if the machine is not stopped immediately.

The 1200D incorporates industry-leading cutting head technology to provide users with 1200 hours of uninterrupted cutting. The only consumable to change is the abrasive nozzle. The 1200D can yield such results due to diamond orifice technology and a revolutionary carbide mixing chamber design. Benefits:

  • Maximum Diamond Orifice Life
  • Extended Nozzle Life
  • Lowest Cost per inch

The FORE is specifically designed to replace the flow style P4 cutting head. The FORE features the same internal cutting head technology of our PrecisionCore 1200D featuring a replaceable carbide mixing chamber. The PrecisionCore mixing chamber is an advancement over OEM--The result is maximum diamond orifice life.  Benefits include:

  • Maximum Diamond Orifice Life
  • Replaceable Mixing Chamber
  • Improved mixing chamber design maximizes diamond life

The FIVE is specifically designed by Hennco Waterjet to replace the omax style 5i cutting head. The FIVE features the same internal cutting head technology as our other PrecisionCore diamond cutting heads, featuring a replaceable carbide mixing chamber.  The geometry is designed to mirror the externals of the 5i, while providing the leading edge of technology of our PrecisionCore Diamond Cutting Heads.

  • Maximum Diamond Orifice Life
  • Replaceable Mixing Chamber
  • Improved mixing chamber design versus 5i

For years, abrasive waterjet users had only two choices for orifice materials: Diamond or Ruby. These two options could not be further apart in performance and price. Recently the waterjet industry was introduced to a new orifice technology called TetraCore. TetraCore is a new diamond like material that offers users substantially longer hours and greater predictably than ruby orifices at prices that are 1/3 that of Diamond orifices. The 400T cutting head was engineered for use with the TetraCore orifice and offers users 400 hours of cutting between orifices changes. The 400T is the perfect cutting head for those that are not yet ready for the price tag associated with diamond cutting heads, while offering significantly better performance and life over Ruby Orifices/Cutting heads

  • New TetraCore Orifice Technology
  • Improved Performance and life over ruby & sapphire orifices
  • Extended Nozzle Life

The 50R is a classic cutting head design. The 50R uses proven cutting head technology to deliver quality and reliable results. The 50R is our most economical cutting technology utilizing Ruby Orifices which enables an average of 50 hours of cutting between orifice changes. The cutting head features an angled abrasive inlet, guiding abrasive directly to the nozzle, thus minimizing wear on cutting head parts and maximizing cutting energy to the work piece. Benefits:

  • Economical Design
  • No Mixing Chamber
  • Lowest Initial Investment

 Individual results may vary. Factors affecting life include water quality, high pressure water filters, operating pressure and cutting applications. Contact your Hennco waterjet specialist to discuss your individual needs.

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