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Better than OEM parts, better than OEM knowledge – that's Hennco Waterjet Supply. Here's something else that's better; our prices. Hennco saves you 20-30% on every order compared to OEM.

If you know waterjets, you probably know our founder John Hennessey. He helped start the first waterjet aftermarket parts company in Minnesota. John understands waterjets like a pit crew understands their race car. Since 2000, John has worked side-by-side with the top waterjet engineers in the world, learning first-hand through R&D, launch and refinement everything there is to know about waterjet systems and waterjet cutting.

We welcome you to Hennco, and give you our word to do-more and know-more.















    John Hennessey, President 

    Founded Hennco in 2018.  John started in Waterjet in May of 2000 with company called Fedtech.  At the time Fedtech was one of the largest waterjet job shops in North America.  This was the start of what would later become AccuStream in September 2001.  While with AccuStream John was responsible for sales and marketing until the company was sold in 2013 to Hypertherm.  John worked with Hypertherm with the Waterjet Team until January 2018.

    "My passion is helping waterjet customers.  There is no better feeling than solving an issue with a customer to get them back up and running or giving them a tip to help them get more out of their equipment."
















    Paul Fransen, Engineering & Operations 

    Been with Hennco since day one.  Paul's background in metal working industry started in 2004.  His time with waterjet began in 2012 at Accustream where he worked as a design engineer for both aftermarket components and AccuStream's line of high pressure pumps. 

    "I like seeing all the various types of waterjet equipment and how each manufacturer has developed their solution.  In our aftermarket capacity we get to talk with end users and get feedback on these solutions.  This feedback helps us understand how things perform and guides us in our efforts to improve waterjet technology."



    Darcy Hennessey, Office Manager & Customer Service 

    It was Darcy who encouraged John to take the leap and start Hennco.  And ever since she has been immersed in the world of waterjet as Hennco's Office Manager and Bookkeeper.    

    "I like getting to know customers, learning about all of the different applications of waterjet cutting and working with a team who genuinely cares about the customers we serve."


    Nate Novak, Sales Manager 

    Nate began with Hennco in March 2019.  Nate's background in waterjet began in 2004 as a waterjet Operator at Fedtech. It was at this time Nate met John.  In 2008, he moved into a sales and estimating role with Fedtech.  Nate left in 2015 to with Hypertherm as an Aftermarket Consumables Sales Specialist. 


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