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Hennco is pleased to introduce the latest member of the PrecisionCore Family....the FORE.

The FORE is specifically engineered to replace the FLOW style P4 cutting head.  The geometry of the FORE is designed to mirror the externals of the P4, while providing the leading edge technology of our 1200D head.  Two nozzle nut options are available: Standard or our Protective Nut






Like the PrecisionCore 1200D, the FORE utilizes state of the art diamond orifice technology and features a specially engineered mixing chamber extend to diamond life and cutting head life beyond a 1000 hours.   

 Advanced Diamond Technology

  • Precision manufactured diamond ensures perfect stream alignment to nozzle
  • New Orifice Geometry provides easier connection to adapters
  • Removable orifice offer flexibility for a variety of cutting applications

Mixing Chamber

  • Combination of design and materials produces Anti-turbulent environment reducing wear, while protecting the head and maximizes abrasive
  • Easy access allows for inspection and mixing chamber replacement (if required)

 Nozzles for PrecionCore FORE

Orifices for PrecisionCore FORE 

Replacement Parts for FORE 


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