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Hennco Waterjet Supply offers same day turn around on custom high pressure tubing.  We stock 1/4" and 3/8" 304 Autofrettaged tubing in 20'+ lengths coned and threaded ready for shipment. 

Should you require custom pieces for tubing, our services include: 
Coning and Threading 
Custom bends 


Pricing for Custom Tubing

Material: $1.80 per inch 1/4" OD   or $2.35 per inch 3/8" OD

Services: $16.00 per end Coning & Threading and/or $16.00 per bend



All we need to supply you with custom tubing is the following information: 
Straight Lengths: Provide "L1"


L Shapes: Provide "L1" and "L2"
J Shapes: Provide "L1", "L2" and "L3"
Our Technicians can produce most any custom piece of high pressure tubing.  Please contact a Waterjet Specialist to discuss your exact requirements. 

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