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FREE Ground Shipping on Every Order - Every Day.

PrecisionCore 1200D Cutting Heads

The PrecisionCore 1200D is Hennco Waterjet Supply’s most advanced cutting head. The 1200D utilizes state of the art diamond orifice technology. The diamond combined with specially engineered carbide mixing chamber extends cutting head life beyond a 1000 hours. Unlike other abrasive cutting heads, the 1200D only has 1 consumable: the mixing tube!

PrecisionCore 1200D Cutting Head cutting into metal

Advanced Diamond Technology

  • Precision manufactured diamond ensures perfect stream alignment to nozzle
  • New Orifice Geometry provides easier connection to adapters
  • Removable orifice offer flexibility for a variety of cutting applications

Mixing Chamber

  • Combination of design and materials produces Anti-turbulent environment reducing wear, while protecting the head and maximizes abrasive
  • Easy access allows for inspection and mixing chamber replacement (if required)
  • A variety of adapters enables connection to all major On/Off valves
  • Multiple nozzle nut choices
  • Two abrasive inlets support either 3/16” or 3/8” abrasive feed line

The PrecisionCore 1200D Advantage

Abrasive Inlet - available in 3/16 & 3/8" ID, inner o-ring for increased vacuum, Splash Guard - compact design reduces contact with parts

PrecisionCore 1200D Compatible Parts


Individual results may vary. Factors affecting life include water quality, high pressure water filters, operating pressure and cutting applications. Contact your Hennco waterjet specialist to discuss your individual needs.

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